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The residence offers serenity and tranquility in a minimal environment, where you can focus on your work, in order to develop and produce the best results for your workshop.

Marilena Stafylidou, a professional photographer, experienced tutor and organizer in educational workshops, will welcome you and assure ultimate workshop success on behalf of The Palm Tree Workshops.

We love to host, assist and interact with inspiring people who are passionate with their work and wish to present and evolve their projects.

The residence offers serenity and tranquility in a minimal environment, where one can focus, develop and produce the best results


The Palm Tree
Workshops Space

Originally built in 1800’s by the Dacoronia family, who exported the famous vinsanto wine in Malta, this historical property consists of three residences: the Captain House and the Palm Tree Cavehouses, 2 private chapels (St. Paraskevi and St. Dimitrios) and a small vineyard.

The Captain House is the main residence, where the workshops take place. It is located right in the center of the traditional village of Akrotiri, overlooking the Aegean Sea and the Venetian Castle. Recently renovated with respect towards the atmosphere and style of the traditional architecture, it combines and offers all modern comforts while providing the necessary serenity and privacy, ideal for any kind of creative workshops.


The nonprofit organization ART·IN·ART was founded in 2019 and operates as an open platform, focusing on the production and promotion of flexible artistic and educational activities in the art and science field. Residencies, workshops, special seminars, lectures,  educational programmes are among the scheduled activities. Along with this, ART·IN·ART is involved in forming a network of partnerships with Greek non-profit organizations, institutions and festivals, as well as  institutions or groups from all over the world.

The Palm Tree Workshops Space is part of the ART·IN·ART activities.


Residence amenities

Secretarial services and assistants if required.

The location is in disposal for one or more days depending on each workshop’s needs.

Welcome dinners, brunch or breakfast with local, traditional products and wine aperitifs can be offered during the workshops.

We can customize your workshop according to your preferences.



12 – 15




An ultimate experience for you
and your participant guests!

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Accommodation up to 7 participants at the Palm Tree Residence can be arranged if we have vacancies during the dates of your seminar / workshop.

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We can provide an accommodation list for the village along with other useful information. Should there be any escorts with the workshop participants, a guided tour and tips about the island can also be arranged

It would be our pleasure
to host you!

For more information and for a customized price list please contact:

P.O. Box 1108 | Akrotiri | 84700 | Santorini, Greece

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